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2011 Porsche 911 Touch Up Paint
Porsche 911
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To get exact match touch up paint for your 2011 Porsche 911 you need to have the color code.
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if you need help finding the right paint code for your vehicle.
Chip Color Code Color Description
041 Black
12H Speed Yellow
22G Racing Green Metallic
2B5 Malachite Green Metallic
2D8 Green
51A Creme White
7A1 Gray Black
84A Guards Red
8C6 Orange
92U Arctic Silver Metallic
9Q Meteor Gray Metallic
A1 Black
B4 Carrara White
B9A Carrara White
C9Z Basalt Black Metallic
E7 Atlas Gray Metallic
G1 Guards Red
J5 Green
L041 Black
L12H Speed Yellow
L22G Racing Green Metallic
L2B5 Malachite Green Metallic
L2D8 Green
L32B Aqua Blue Metallic
L51A Creme White
L63A Sport Classic Gray
L7A1 Gray Black
L84A Guards Red
L8C6 Orange
L92U Arctic Silver Metallic
LB9A Carrara White
LC9Z Basalt Black Metallic
LM2Z Nordic Gold Metallic
LM3X Rubin Red Metallic
LM4Z Amethyst Metallic
LM5B Purblau
LM5R Aqua Blue Metallic
LM5X Dunkel Blue Metallic
LM7T Platin Silver Metallic
LM7W Meteor Gray Metallic
LM7X Atlas Gray Metallic
LM7Z Gt Silver Metallic
LM8W Macadamia Metallic
M2Z Nordic Gold Metallic
M3X Rubin Red Metallic
M4Z Amethyst Metallic
M5B Purblau
M5R Aqua Blue Metallic
M5X Dunkel Blue Metallic
M7T Platin Silver Metallic
M7W Meteor Gray Metallic
M7X Atlas Gray Metallic
M7Z Gt Silver Metallic
M8W Macadamia Metallic
U2 Gt Silver Metallic
X1 Arctic Silver Metallic
X4 Speed Yellow
Z4 Basalt Black Metallic

It is important to always double-check the paint color code for your 2011 Porsche 911 Touch Up Paint before placing an order. Do not guess at your color. Many colors of paint have varying names and similar looking colors can have entirely different vehicle paint codes. The color chips displayed on this web page are approximations only as the color seen will vary depending on your computer screen.

Your vehicle identification number ("VIN") is not your color code. Click the link shown above if you need help finding the correct color code for your car.

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